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Wednesday, 21 August 2019
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Achievements and Awards

Achievements and Awards


Vozrozhdenie Bank won the award “Best disclosure of corporate information via website in the Internet” in “Public company” nomination, organized by the National Association of Corporate Secretaries (the NACS).

SME Bank awarded Vozrozhdenie Bank for the active promotion of the federal guarantee mechanism of medium businesses support

Global financial internet portal Global Banking & Finance Review named Vozrozhdenie Bank the Best SME Bank in Russia.

Mr. Dmitry Orlov was recognized as the Best Banking Chairman of the Board in Russia for 2014 by the internet portal Global Banking & Finance review.

Volgograd branch of Vozrozhdenie Bank won the award “Business LEADER” in “Banking sector” nomination following the results of 2013.


Vozrozhdenie Bank won his third “Customs Olympus” award as “The best financial institution providing services related to customs affairs”.

Global Banking & Finance Review, an independent financial internet portal awarded Vozrozhdenie Bank for Best IR Management in Russia in 2012.

Vozrozhdenie Bank won in “Best Corporate Governance, Russia” nomination of the annual award of the British magazine World Finance.


Vozrozhdenie Bank was awarded with “STP Award 2011. Excellent Quality” for a high quality of international settlements.

Andrey Shalimov, Deputy Chairman of the Management Board, won the 1st place in nomination Best investor relations by CFO, small cap, among the representatives of top-management.


Vozrozhdenie Bank won Finance — 2011 award supported by Finance magazine.

Vozrozhdenie Bank re-entered top-10 most valuable Russian banks.


Vozrozhdenie Bank became the winner on the Award “Financial Pearl of Russia — 2010” in nomination “Best financial services for individuals”.

Vozrozhdenie Bank won III Annual IR-cases competition held among IR-specialists in Russia and CIS.

Vozrozhdenie Bank was recognized as the Bank of the year in Russia by The Banker magazine, the authoritative British periodical.

Vozrozhdenie Bank was ranked second in the Annual Report Competition organized by the RTS Stock Exchange.

Vozrozhdenie Bank was awarded with “STP Award 2009. Excellent Quality” for a high quality of international settlements.

Vozrozhdenie Bank became a winner of award “Customs Olympus — 2010”. The competition was organized by the Federal customs service of the Russian Federation.

Sergey Klinkov, head of IR department of Vozrozhdenie Bank, was ranked 3rd in nomination Best IR-manager (small and mid—cap companies) in IR magazine Russia & CIS awards ceremony.

Vozrozhdenie Bank was ranked among TOP-10 banks by bank cards issued according to RBC rating

Vozrozhdenie Bank jumped 134 places in 2009 to rank 363rd among the world’s Top 500 Banking Brands.


Vozrozhdenie Bank was named “Best Public Company” out of Russia’s top 50 companies according to the magazine Secret Firmy.

Vozrozhdenie Bank took top positions in the ranking of banks as of 9M 2009.

Vozrozhdenie Bank won two nominations of the annual award of IR magazine Russia&CIS for professional achievements in IR.

Vozrozhdenie Bank was ranked 3rd among largest Russian banks by lending to Small and Medium companies according to the ranking conducted by Expert Magazine.

Vozrozhdenie Bank was acknowledged as one of the most transparent Russian companies in 2009.

Vozrozhdenie Bank that jumped 28 places in rating of 400 Russian top companies ranked by revenues issued by Expert magazine.

Vozrozhdenie Bank was awarded by Commerzbank AG, one of leading world banks, for the high quality of international.

Dmitry Orlov, Chairman of Vozrozhdenie Bank, was ranked among TOP-10 in the rating “1000 most professional managers of Russia” according to business newspaper Kommersant.

Vozrozhdenie Bank became the winner on the annual public award “Financial Pearl of Russia — 2008” in nomination “The widest range of services”.

Dmitry Orlov, President of Vozrozhdenie Bank, was presented with the award as one of the best Russian bankers on the annual public ceremony “Best Russian Banker” under support of the Audit Chamber of the Russian Federation.

Lyudmila Goncharova, Deputy Chairwoman of Vozrozhdenie Bank Management Board, was ranked among 200 most successful women of Russia by Career magazine.

Vozrozhdenie Bank is among Top 500 world financial companies by brand value together with only 5 more Russian banks.


Dmitry Orlov, Chairman of the Management Board, was included to TOP-1000 Russian managers.

The Banker magazine included Vozrozhdenie Bank to TOP-1000 world banks.

Vozrozhdenie Bank was awarded as the best public company of financial sector in the sphere of IR.

Dmitry Orlov, President of Vozrozhdenie Bank, became one of the winners of the annual public award “Best Russian Banker — 2007”.


Vozrozhdenie Bank was awarded as “Company of the Year” in nomination “Reputation and trust”.

Vozrozhdenie Bank won a prize as the Best Russian Bank of middle capitalization on the banking award “Big Money”.

Vozrozhdenie Bank was ranked 1st among Russian banks in the Standard & Poor’s transparency rating survey from a shareholder perspective.

Interfax and Thomson Financial have surveyed the Russian investor relations field and placed Julia Vinogradova from Vozrozhdenie Bank at the top of the list in the financial sector.

Vozrozhdenie Bank jumped 30 places at once in rating of 400 Russian top companies by revenue published by Expert magazine.

Vozrozhdenie Bank was awarded in nomination “For the highest growth rate” by Western Union.

Institutional Investor, the international magazine, published a select list of Russian business leaders that included Dmitry Orlov.


Vozrozhdenie Bank was recognized as the most transparent bank from a shareholders perspective according to Standard & Poor’s transparency rating survey of Russian banks.


Vozrozhdenie Bank became the winner of the VII annual award “Best Annual Report 2004”.

Vozrozhdenie Bank was ranked 2nd in Standard & Poor’s transparency rating survey.


Vozrozhdenie Bank became the winner of Annual Reports Award 2003 in nomination “Internet” held by Expert magazine with participation of PricewaterhouseCoopers and Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange (MICEX).


Vozrozhdenie Bank became the winner of the award “Best Annual Report” held by Expert magazine in nomination “Internet” among the financial companies.


Dmitry Orlov, President of Vozrozhdenie Bank, was honorary titled as Honored Economist of the Russian Federation.


Valery Shantsev, Vice Mayor of Moscow and First Deputy Prime Minister of Moscow Government presented Vozrozhdenie Bank with a letter of gratitude from the Mayor of Moscow.