Deals with interested parties

In accordance with decisions of the annual General Shareholders Meetings (Minutes No. 1 dated 01.06.2015 and Minutes No. 1 dated 30.06.2016) (hereafter “AGM”) in 2016 the Bank concluded transactions (loan issuance, guarantees, deposits, bank guarantees, right of claim acquiring and other transactions) in respect of which the members of the Board of Directors and executive bodies of the Bank are deemed to be interested parties under Article 81 of Federal Law 208-FZ “On Joint-Stock Companies”.

Such transactions were concluded by the bank in the course of its usual commercial activity. Significant terms of such deals did not differ from the standard terms of the similar deals.

The amount of each transaction (a series of related transactions) concluded by the Bank with each of the interested parties did not exceed the limit set by AGMs.

In 2017 the Bank entered in 31 related-party transactions for the total amount of RUB 303 billion.

The major part of the said transactions were interbank lending.