Credit ratings reflect an opinion of a rating agency about a company’s overall credit solvency or its ability to fulfil specific financial obligations. The main goal of such ratings is to provide the economic community with a simple and effective grading system for the comparative evaluation of issuers and securities. For more than a century of their existence, the credit ratings have been widely recognised as a convenient tool for financial standing quality differentiation.

Vozrozhdenie Bank is rated by leading Russian and international rating agencies — RAEX, ACRA, S&P Global Ratings and Moody’s Investors Service. Moody’s Investors Service is our partner since 2003, Standard and Poor’s — since 2008, RAEX- since 2017 and ACRA — since 2018..

Analysts of the rating agencies positively evaluate the reliable system of the Bank’s revenue structure with high fee income ratio as well as its stable resource base. Stable outlooks for Vozrozhdenie Bank’s ratings reflect expert opinion that the quality of the Bank’s assets and its financial standing remain steadfast in midterm. Provided the consistent capitalisation level, the Bank’s ratings can be improved through the enhancement of profitability, efficiency and asset quality.

AgencyTypeRating / AssessmentOutlook
Analytical Credit Rating Agency (ACRA) Credit Rating A-(RU)StablePress release (PDF, 241.1 KB)
(Russian version)
as of October 12, 2018

RAEXCredit ratingruA-StablePress release (PDF, 256.3 KB)
(Russian version)
as of October 17, 2018
Moody’s Investors Service
Long-term Foreign and Local Currency RatingsВa2/NPDevelopingPress release (PDF, 110.7 KB)
as of February 20, 2019
Long-term Counterparty Risk AssessmentВa2/NPDeveloping
S&P Global RatingsLong-term Issuer Credit Rating


Press release (PDF, 302.3 KB)
as of December 24, 2018

1 For more information please look at the web-site www.ratingsdirect.com, where you can find data on all ratings assigned by Standard & Poor’s.

2 For more information please look at the web-site www.moodys.com, where you can find data on all ratings assigned by Moody’s Investors Service.

3 For more information please look at the web-site www.raexpert.ru, where you can find data on all ratings assigned by RAEX.