The new Board of Directors held its first meeting

3 June 2015

On June 2, 2015 the new Board of Directors of Vozrozhdenie Bank elected on June 1, 2015 on the annual General Meeting of Shareholders held its first meeting. Otar Margania was elected as Chairman of the Board of Directors, Sergey Malinin — as Secretary of the Board of Directors, Mukhadin Eskindarov — as Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors.

“The new Board will continue pursuing high standards of business and develop the bank in the interests of all shareholders, securing effective protection of their rights”, commented Otar Margania. He added that the new Board “is a well-balanced decision-making centre including competent professionals with wide expertise in the areas crucial for future progress of the bank”.

The Board of Directors also considered the issue on termination of powers of Lyudmila Goncharova, member of the Management Board, due to expiration of labour contract by mutual consent.

Igor Antonov, Chairman of the Management Board, took the opportunity to thank Lyudmila Goncharova for long-standing and effective work in the key business line for the bank — cooperation with corporate clients, especially lending to small and medium enterprises, contribution to development of the Russian regions and emphasised that the bank will stick to its strategy of building long-term partnership relations with clients.

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