Heirs of Dmitry Orlov received the title on voting shares of Vozrozhdenie Bank

11 June 2015

Vozrozhdenie Bank shares comprising 30.70% of the authorized capital (32.03% of the voting shares) that belonged to Dmitry Orlov, the founder and the main shareholder of Vozrozhdenie Bank, were transferred to his heirs into direct independent possession. After the relevant grounds came into effect, the number and the percentage of votes owned by heirs of Dmitry Orlov became as follows:

  • Elena Orlova — 6,338,314 votes or 26.69%
  • Nikolay Orlov — 1,567,663 votes or 6.60% (previously he held 300,000 votes or 1.26% of the voting shares of the bank)

Dmitry Orlov has passed away on December 5, 2014 intestate, so his shares were distributed among the heirs according to the applicable legislation of the Russian Federation. Tatiana Orlova renounced her stake in favour of Elena Orlova.

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