Moody’s Investors Service Assigned Ba3 Counterparty Risk Assessment to Vozrozhdenie Bank

19 June 2015

Moody’s Investors Service assigned Ba3 Counterparty Risk Assessment (CRA) to Vozrozhdenie Bank. Moody’s introduced CRA, which is not a rating, as part of new Bank Rating Methodology presented in the end of 2014.

CRA reflects the bank’s probability of default on certain operating liabilities, such as covered bonds, derivatives, guarantees, letters of credit and other contractual commitments. It is generally higher than the deposit ratings indicating on Moody’s view that senior obligations represented by the CR assessment will be more likely preserved in order to limit contagion, minimize losses and avoid disruption of critical functions.

In February 2015 Moody’s Investors Service downgraded Vozrozhdenie Bank long-term debt and global local- and foreign-currency deposit ratings by one notch to B1, national scale rating — to in response to deteriorating operating environment. The ratings outlook is stable.

Heirs of Dmitry Orlov received the title on voting shares of Vozrozhdenie Bank
Vozrozhdenie Bank Board of Directors has held a meeting