Vozrozhdenie Bank Board of Directors has held a meeting

29 December 2015

Vozrozhdenie Bank Board of Directors held a meeting on December 28, 2015.

The Board has considered nominees to Audit Committee, Human Resources and Compensation Committee, Strategy Committee, Troubled Assets Committee and Integration Committee of the Board of Directors. It has also adopted the regulations on Troubled Assets Committee and Integration Committee.

According to the requirements of the Bank of Russia, Corporate Governance Code, Listing Rules of MICEX Stock Exchange CJSC and regulations on the respective committees, the members of the committees were elected as following:

Audit Committee:

  • Basunia Tamjid Hossain — Chairman;
  • Dmitry Chekalkin;
  • Mukhadin Eskindarov;

Human Resources and Compensation Committee:

  • Mukhadin Eskindarov — Chairman;
  • Dmitry Lavrentiev;
  • Dmitry Chekalkin;

Strategy Committee:

  • Nikolay Orlov — Chairman;
  • Dmitry Ananiev,
  • Alexey Ananiev;
  • Konstantin Basmanov;
  • Basunia Tamjid Hossain;
  • Dmitry Chekalkin;
  • Andrey Shalimov;

Troubled Assets Committee:

  • Viktor Pichugov — Chairman;
  • Andrey Zhupanov;
  • Dmitry Lavrentiev;

Integration Committee:

  • Vladislav Khokhlov — Chairman;
  • Alexey Ananiev;
  • Konstantin Basmanov;
  • Alexander Dolgopolov;
  • Andrey Zhupanov

When electing members of the Committees, the Board based its decisions on the candidates’ education, professional qualifications, experience in the relevant area, and other specific expertise required to exercise the Committee’s authority.

The Board of Directors has adopted the Activity Plan for its work, Activity Plan and the Schedule of Inspections for 2016 and H1 2016 of the Internal Audit Service of Vozrozhdenie Bank. Within its authorities set by the Articles of Association, the Board has also approved material terms of claim assignment agreements.

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