Bank Vozrozhdeniye is summarizing the performance results: the year 2002 has been successfully completed

29 January 2003

Over the previous year, net assets of the bank Vozrozhdeniye grew by 27% and exceeded RUR 17 billion. Book profit of the year 2002 totaled RUR 308 ml. As at January 1st 2003, the Bank’s equity capital amounted to RUR 1.5 billion.

The Bank’s loan portfolio totaled RUR11 billion as at January 1st 2003. Throughout the year customer account balances grew up to RUR 12.8, including retail deposits: total amount of retail deposits, as in 2001, nearly doubled — up to RUR 5.4 billion.

In the course of the year 2002 the Bank issued over 100,000 bankcards. So, at the moment, their total number has topped 315,000 mark. The Bank set up and connected to its Processing Centre 75 new ATMs throughout Moscow and Moscow region, as well as other regions and cities in Russia. Overall, Vozrozhdeniye has installed 175 ATMs including over 100 units, which operate in Moscow Region.

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Special General Meeting of the Bank Vozrozhdeniye’s shareholders in connection with the additional issue of the Bank’s shares is to be held