Special General Meeting of the Bank Vozrozhdeniye’s shareholders in connection with the additional issue of the Bank’s shares is to be held

1 February 2003

Special General Meeting of shareholders will be conducted in the form of voting by ballot (by questionnaire). Deadline for ballots acceptance — February 21st 2003.

The following issues are included in Agenda of the Special General Meeting of shareholders:

  1. About introduction of amendments and alterations into the Bank’s Charter.
  2. About enlargement of the Bank’s authorized capital through additional issue of ordinary registered shares.
  3. About approval of the placement order of ordinary registered shares of additional issue.
  4. About participation of Bank Vozrozhdeniye in Moscow Banking Union.

Shareholders can get acquainted with information materials on the Agenda of the Special General Meeting of shareholders at the Central Office (Shareholders Department, address: Luchnikov per., 7/4 — 6, Moscow, tel. (095) 929-18-61) and at the offices of the Bank’s branches.

Shareholders must forward the completed ballots for voting at the Special General Meeting of shareholders by mail at the following address: Luchnikov per., 7/4, Moscow, GSP-9, 101999. In the process of determination of the Meeting quorum and calculation of the voting results, only the ballots received by Calculation Commission not later than the aforementioned date shall be taken in consideration.

Bank Vozrozhdeniye is summarizing the performance results: the year 2002 has been successfully completed
Alterations have been introduced in the company name of Bank Vozrozhdeniye.