Boris V. Gromov, Governor of the Moscow Region congratulated Dmitriy L. Orlov, President of Vozrozhdeniye Bank on the next anniversary of the Bank.

11 April 2003

Dear Dmitriy Ljvovich,

My sincerest congratulations to you and the Vozrozhdeniye Bank’s team both on the next anniversary of the Bank!

The Bank has put together the broad professional experience and best traditions of the Russian financial institutions to have taken a leading position in the Russian business community.

Over many years the Bank is operating successfully in the Moscow Region having become one of the fundamental banks of the Region’s Administration. An extensive branch network covering nearly all district centres in the Moscow Region has enabled Vozrozhdeniye to participate in many social-economic and investment projects, that provide for re-equipment of operating enterprises, further development of transport infrastructure and the agricultural sector, as well as social backing of population. All these fields for joint activities have been reflected in the recently signed agreement on cooperation between the Bank and Administration of the Moscow Region.

From the bottom of my heart I would like to thank you, dear Dmitriy Ljvovich, and the Bank’s staff for the significant contribution being made to social and economic development of the Moscow Region.

I wish you good health, prosperity and new achievements in your professional activities.

Governor of the Moscow Region
Hero of the Soviet Union

April 2003

The Programme of strategic partnership is signed between Bank Vozrozhdeniye and the Moscow Region Government till the year 2005
Bank Vozrozhdeniye started issuing of VISA Gold chip cards