Presentation of the 350,000th VISA card (International Payment System) issued by Vozrozhdeniye Bank

11 June 2003

Granting of the 350,000th bankcard to Tatiana Fefilova, Head of Settlement Department of Research and Development Institute named after Tikhomirov.

Address of Marka Nakchmanovicha, Deputy Chairman of the Board.

“Vozrozhdeniye Bank is a leader in the Moscow Region in the field of bankcards based on the payroll projects, where an enterprise enters into agreement with the bank on payroll payment by bankcards. The bank extends overdraft loans to employees of these enterprises. At the moment Vozrozhdeniye has already implemented over 1500 similar projects not only in the Moscow Region, but in the other major cities of Russia, such as Volgograd, Volgodonsk, Murmansk, Petrozavodsk, Saransk and some others as well. In line with transition to the new technologies we are planning a complete substitution of all magnetic cards for microchip cards (200,000 cards are going to be replaced by September 2003 only), as well as the further expansion of ATM and acquiring network. In the Moscow region Vozrozhdeniye Bank is the first bank to launch VISA chip cards of VSDC standard.”

Granting of Visa Electron Moscovia chip card to Lou Naumovsky, General Director of Visa Int. Moscow Representative office in Russia.

“Vozrozhdeniye Bank is one of our first partners in Russia. We are actively cooperating since 1966. The principal feature of the Bank is safety. Vozrozhdeniye is continuously expanding its range of bankcard services. Transition to the microchip technologies reflects a considered and weighted strategy of the Bank’s management. That will allow to enhance the level of customer service, as well as to broaden the customer base. Implementation of microchip cards by Vozrozhdeniye positively ensures its leading position in the field of bankcard business development and promotion of new high technology products and services to the market.”

Address of Tatiana Kostikova, General Manager of the Bank’s Ramenskiy Branch.

Vozrozhdeniye Bank issued the 350,000th bankcard of International Payment System VISA under its regular payroll project
Vozrozhdeniye Bank was ranked the 5th among major Russian banks by the information openness rating