New state registration numbers attributed to the preferential shares of Vozrozhdenie Bank (Open Joint-Stock Company).

1 July 2003

In accordance with Order No. 03—16/пc dated April 01, 2003 by the Federal Securities Market Commission On procedure of attribution of state registration numbers to issues of securities, the Department for Business Licensing and Financial Rehabilitation of Crediting Organisations of the Bank of Russia adopted the following resolution:

to attribute the new state registration number 20201349B to the preferential non-documentary registered shares with the fixed rate of dividend and former state registration number 10401439B;
to attribute the new state registration number 20101349B to the preferential convertible non-documentary registered shares with the former state registration number 10301439B.

State registration numbers of securities 10401439B and 10301439B were cancelled.

On June 27, 2003, Vozrozhdenie Bank held the regular Annual General Meeting of Shareholders to determine the business results of year 2002
Government of Moscow issued the Order to award Dmitriy Lvovich Orlov, the President of Board of Vozrozhdenie Bank (Open Joint-Stock Company) the Honours Diploma.