According to the Law “About Moscow Budget for the Year 2004” Vozrozhdeniye Bank is approved as a bank, with which the Government of the Moscow Region will continue the joint activities.

4 November 2003

The Moscow Region’s Government will continue their cooperation with the Bank on crediting the enterprises of the Moscow Region against guarantee of the Moscow Region, taking part in financing of the sport facilities construction within the Region’s territory, development of mortgage lending, financing of the target projects, as well as the wide use of the card-based clearing settlements system.


Vozrozhdeniye Bank is one of the principal banks of the Moscow Region’s Government. The local presence of Vozrozhdeniye Bank in all districts of the Region enables to take part in many social-economic and investment projects, which stipulate re-equipment of operating enterprises, development of the transportation network, agricultural complex and social support of population. All these issues are presented in the programme of strategic partnership signed between the Bank and the Government of the Moscow Region in the current year.

Agreements on the Bank’s authorisation have been concluded with 34 administrations of the Moscow Region’s districts and cities. Under these agreements the Bank provides to the district and municipal administrations the coverage of the temporary cash gaps arising in the process of carrying out the Region’s budget, conducts crediting of the social and economic programmes of the local municipal administrations.

The Bank is taking part in the priority target transport programme of the Moscow Region’s Government providing financial backing of the project of the Moscow Region’s transport network development.

Vozrozhdeniye Bank is in close interaction with the Ministry of Agriculture and Foodstuffs of the Moscow Region and ensures implementation of the federal investment and short-term projects of lending to the agricultural enterprises. Every year over 250 agricultural and industrial enterprises of the Moscow Region receive the finds on preferential terms through Vozrozhdeniye Bank.

The Bank takes part in the programmes of restructuring of the Moscow Region’s economy aimed at modernisation of the operating enterprises. As at October 1st 2003, lending to the Moscow Region’s enterprises totalled RUR 6.2 billion. In total, over 20,000 enterprises of the Moscow Region are serviced throughout the Bank’s branch network.

Vozrozhdeniye Bank takes an active part in development of the card based clearing settlements system within the Moscow Region. In the Agreement on cooperation in financial and credit sphere aimed at comprehensive social and economic development of the Moscow Region, signed in 2002 between the Bank and the Moscow Region’s Government, the special importance was attached to arrangement and wide introduction of clearing settlements, including bankcard transactions. Over 1000 institutions and enterprises of the Moscow Region receive salaries through the Vozrozhdeniye’s bankcards.

The Bank finances the Region’s social projects. Under these programmes Vozrozhdeniye provides services to pensioners in the form of book-entry crediting of their pensions to their bankcards and ensures the pensions delivery. In the course of many years the Bank extends loans for the sport facilities construction, which are of great social importance.

Vozrozhdeniye Bank issued 250,000 chip cards of the payment system Visa Inernational
The State Customs Committee of the Russian Federation included Vozrozhdeniye Bank in the register of the banks authorized to perform as a guarantor for the customs authorities