“Bank Vozrozhdenie highly values the trust of its clients and we have proved it a number of times throughout 22 years of our work,” says Alexander Dolgopolov, Chairman of the Management Board

22 October 2013

Last week some people living in Moscow oblast and employees of some enterprises of the region received false information on cancellation of Bank Vozrozhdenie license. The message, which was spread out via spam sms-mailings, telephone calls and rumor mongering, caused concerns of our clients. Schelkovo, Pushkino, Mytischi and Sergiev Posad branches of the bank were affected by this misleading news most severely.

On Friday, October 18, the management of Bank Vozrozhdenie issued an official contradiction of the rumors.

“Such situations ones again prove the importance of raising general population financial awareness to secure clients from fraud and associated losses. We are always open for the dialog and ready to answer all the questions. It should also be noted that up-to-date information on financial institutions activity is published on the Bank of Russia web-site, where any bank’s license number and its status can be checked online”, commented Alexander Dolgopolov, Chairman of the Management Board.

“From our long-term experience we know quite well how to cope with provocations like this. The quality of services as well as commitment to provide a full range of banking facilities as soon as customers need them are always our first priorities. Bank Vozrozhdenie highly values the trust of its clients and throughout 22 years of our work, including the time during the most severe crises of 1998 and 2008, we have proved it a number of times,” added Mr. Dolgopolov.

On Saturday the entire bank’s branch network worked in the usual mode. It took just one day to fix the problem.

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