Bank Vozrozhdenie launches mobile application for cash collection

5 November 2014

Bank Vozrozhdenie has launched a new mobile application for cash collection for Moscow region that will help our customers to save a lot of time on ordering cash collection, decline of planned visits, preparation and handover of cash to the bank’s cash-in-transit couriers.

“We have made cash collection, a traditional banking product, more user-friendly. We have simplified both the procedure itself and the ordering process — now it is much easier to prepare cash for transferring. But what is more important, we have smoothed the communications with our clients who have been using this service and those who are just planning to switch to it. Having the app installed on a smartphone, any of them can check possibility and cost of cash collection in a new point, without support of operator or personal appeal to the bank, as well as make an order or decline a planned visit of cash-in-transit couriers”, commented Mark Nakhmanovich, Deputy Chairman of the Management Board.

The application for cash collection is available at App Store, Google Play and Windows Phone Store for downloading to any smartphone operating on iOS 6-8, Android 4.x. or WindowsPhone 8. The app transfers data via secured connection. To log into it, a registered user enters confidential requisite details that unambiguously identify him/her in the system. Thus, no personal information is to be feeded to the bank.

Cash collection app has the advantage of reducing labour and time spending while preparing cash. A client packs cash in strongboxes, cash-in-transit couriers can print the cover letter using mobile printer, and the client has only to sign all the necessary documents.

Bank Vozrozhdenie has held the extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders
Sergey Malinin and Mukhadin Eskindarov, members of the Board of Directors of Bank Vozrozhdenie, were rated among the best corporate governance professionals within the IX Director of the Year National Award