Retail deposits of Bank Vozrozhdenie exceeded Rub 100 bln

11 November 2014

Retail deposits of Bank Vozrozhdenie reached more than Rub 100bln by October 1, 2014, driven by 14.8% YtD growth. In absolute terms, the figure grew to RUB 166.3bln including bank cards balances and current accounts since the year-start.

“I would love to thank our depositors for their trust and note that in return we do our best to deliver comfortable services. We came through for them in challenging times and when everything was well and good”, commented Mr. Evgeniy Dmitriev, Head of Retail Business Department of Bank Vozrozhdenie.

Retail deposits consistently amount to more than 50% of the bank’s liabilities. Bank Vozrozhdenie is traditionally in Top-20 largest Russian banks in terms of raised retail funds. The major share of the retail deposit portfolio falls to Rouble deposits, with 78% of the portfolio attracted in Moscow region.

Many of the customers hold long-term deposits in the bank. At the same time, the key segment clientele, including payroll clients and employees of state companies, enjoy special privileges on deposits and loans.

The bank also offers favourable terms to those clients who use its products via multichannel system of remote banking services. The system allows to execute the following transactions on-line: to open or replenish term deposits under more attractive rates, process transfers between accounts / cards or cash transfers as well as to pay for mobile services, utility services, repay loans and perform other transactions via internet-bank with mobile devices, ATMs and payment terminals.

Bank Vozrozhdenie will publish its 9M 2014 IFRS results and hold a conference call for investors on November 25
Moody’s Investors Service affirmed credit ratings of Bank Vozrozhdenie