2.5% of Vozrozhdenie Bank voting shares were bought out within MTO

28 April 2016

Vozrozhdenie Bank has published the report on results of the mandatory tender offer (MTO).

MTO was made by Promsvyazbank on January 15, 2016 in relation to 11,226,239 ordinary certified non-documentary shares of Vozrozhdenie Bank, state registration number 10101439В.

As of the date of MTO, Promsvyaz Capital B.V. and its affiliates owned 52.73% of V.Bank voting shares. MTO price was 533 rubles.

Promsvyazbank purchased 597,807 shares or 2.52% of Vozrozhdenie Bank voting shares within the MTO. With the account of 53.7% share of Promsvyaz Capital B.V., total stake held by the group is 13,120,262 or 55,25%.

Moody’s affirmed long-term credit rating of Vozrozhdenie Bank
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