Vozrozhdenie Bank holds the annual General Meeting of Shareholders

30 June 2016

The General Meeting of Shareholders of Vozrozhdenie Bank summarising results of 2015 has been held today.

Shareholders have adopted the bank’s annual report, annual financial statements and have made a decision not to pay dividends on the bank’s shares and use a part of retained profit earned in previous years in amount of RUB 4.7 billion to cover loss for 2015.

The General Meeting of Shareholders has elected the following members to the Board of Directors of Vozrozhdenie Bank:

  1. Alexey Ananiev
  2. Dmitry Ananiev
  3. Konstantin Basmanov
  4. Basunia Tamjid Hossain
  5. Andrey Zhupanov
  6. Dmitry Lavrentiev
  7. Otar Margania
  8. Nikolay Orlov
  9. Viktor Pichugov
  10. Vladislav Khokhlov
  11. Dmitry Chekalkin
  12. Mukhadin Eskindarov

Besides, the following members of the bank’s Audit Commission have also been elected at the meeting:

  1. Tatiana Borisova
  2. Andrey Volynkin
  3. Irina Golubeva
  4. Alexey Kargachev

The General Meeting of Shareholders has decided to approve deals between the bank and interested parties that may be concluded during the period until the next General Meeting of Shareholders in the ordinary course of business, including banking transactions and deals, prescribed by the Federal Law “On banks and banking activity”, as well as the deals performed within the bank’s operations in the securities market.

The shareholders have adopted a resolution to pay remuneration to independent members of the Board — chairmen and members of Committees of the Board of Directors elected at the annual General Meeting of Shareholders last year, while the Chairman of the Board of Directors, executive directors (members and Chairman of the Management Board) and other members of the current Board of Directors shall not receive their remunerations.

In view of changes made to the current legislation of the Russian Federation, the Articles of Associations, the Regulations on the executive bodies of Vozrozhdenie Bank has been altered and a new edition of the Regulations on remunerations and compensations for members of the Board of Directors has been adopted.

ZAO PricewaterhouseCooper’s Audit, one of the worldwide leaders in audit services, has been approved as the official auditor of the bank.

Vozrozhdenie Bank has published its financial results for 3M 2016 under IFRS
Vozrozhdenie Bank is among TOP-10 banks on issue of state-supported mortgages: the issued amount rose by 179% YoY